Following Christina and Ali on the road to stardom!

Following Christina and Ali from America's Got Talent on the road to stardom!

Check here for the latest news about christina and Ali who made their debut appearance on America's Got Talent performing The Climb. A truly inspirational pair of young ladies.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

When will Nashville sign Christina and Ali

Tonight's performance by Christina and Ali was truly some musical history being made.  These two young ladies belted out  an incredible medly before a standing ovation.  There harmonious unison brought tears to the crowds eyes long before the importance of their quest had even sunk in.

Their clearly proud parents, with tears in their eyes,  sat quietly offstage while the crowd wept.  New stars were born.

Bravo ladies....

I propose a discussion to the readers here.  How long before Nashville scoops these ladies up and wisks them off to startdom?   Personally, I don't think 2010 will be closed out and the ink will be dried on the contracts for these young ladies.

Leave a comment  with your thoughts.

 Let's see what the future holds....

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