Following Christina and Ali on the road to stardom!

Following Christina and Ali from America's Got Talent on the road to stardom!

Check here for the latest news about christina and Ali who made their debut appearance on America's Got Talent performing The Climb. A truly inspirational pair of young ladies.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Comments from Richard

Richard Drew over at wrote;

"Finally, here’s Christina and Ali – the most emotional act of the evening…

Christina and Ali both have cystic fibrosis and tragically have a life expectancy of only 35-40 years – but they’re determined to make the most of all the time they have…

It’s a sad story – but the girls were both lovely and full of positivity – so more power to them.

As for the act. Well honestly I thought they were good – but not great. For me there were a few flat notes along the way and the harmonies didn’t quite gel – and once again this is the danger with America’s Got Talent – how much is talent and how much is back story?

But once again Piers was probably right – the girls chose the perfect, age appropriate song – and delivered it with sincerity… so good for them…

But what did you think? Were you Christina and Ali fans…?"

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

CBS News about Christina and Ali

CBS News wrote "Christina and Ali, two sisters with a deadly lung disease, took the judges' breath away Wednesday night on "America's Got Talent."

The girls, 13 and 20, have a genetic disorder called cystic fibrosis. They didn't know if they would live long enough to make it to the stage, let alone have the strength to sing. But sing they did - a Miley Cyrus song called "The Climb."

"We were told since we were little we would never be able to sing," Ali told the judges after her performance.

Judge Sharon Osbourne replied, "You've proven them wrong, haven't you."

Judge Howie Mandel, who stood for most of the performance, said, "I want for you anything you want in life."

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Christina And Ali on America's Got Talent

Here is a better resolution version of the video.  Howie makes good with the Canadian courtesy by offering his own standing ovation mid-performance. 

Watch in HD and witness the emotions on Christina and Ali's parent's faces.  Pure,  unfiltered,  pride.

 You will seldom see parents more pround of their children than what is captured in these moments.


Youtube Vide about Cystic Fibrosis

Check it out... support for Christina and Ali

Check out the thread started at supporting Christina and Ali!

Show your support for the cause and raise awareness.  Do some reading while at and understand why this cause is so important.  If you feel strongly about what you read then shoot them a donation to support research for a cure.  It will always be appreciated.

If you have trouble with the links, the christina and Ali thread can be found at:

When will Nashville sign Christina and Ali

Tonight's performance by Christina and Ali was truly some musical history being made.  These two young ladies belted out  an incredible medly before a standing ovation.  There harmonious unison brought tears to the crowds eyes long before the importance of their quest had even sunk in.

Their clearly proud parents, with tears in their eyes,  sat quietly offstage while the crowd wept.  New stars were born.

Bravo ladies....

I propose a discussion to the readers here.  How long before Nashville scoops these ladies up and wisks them off to startdom?   Personally, I don't think 2010 will be closed out and the ink will be dried on the contracts for these young ladies.

Leave a comment  with your thoughts.

 Let's see what the future holds....

Christina and Ali debut appearance America's Got Talent

Tonight a bit of music history was made. 

Christina and Ali won the hearts of the world during their debut performance on America's Got Talent.  For those who missed the stellar act the video is below.  The two siblings both have Cystic Fibrosis.  For those who said they would never sing, check out what happens when sisters shatter limitations...