Following Christina and Ali on the road to stardom!

Following Christina and Ali from America's Got Talent on the road to stardom!

Check here for the latest news about christina and Ali who made their debut appearance on America's Got Talent performing The Climb. A truly inspirational pair of young ladies.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Christina And Ali on America's Got Talent

Here is a better resolution version of the video.  Howie makes good with the Canadian courtesy by offering his own standing ovation mid-performance. 

Watch in HD and witness the emotions on Christina and Ali's parent's faces.  Pure,  unfiltered,  pride.

 You will seldom see parents more pround of their children than what is captured in these moments.



  1. These two amazing & inspirational sisters (cysters in the CF world) are to be commended with their performance last night! I am a grandmother of two little boys with CF and I am here to tell you we work every single day to find a cure for this horrible disease!

  2. They were awesome, I have a 6.5 yr old lil girl with Cf and she loves to sing. You two give us all hopes