Following Christina and Ali on the road to stardom!

Following Christina and Ali from America's Got Talent on the road to stardom!

Check here for the latest news about christina and Ali who made their debut appearance on America's Got Talent performing The Climb. A truly inspirational pair of young ladies.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Christina and Ali perform in Vegas!

For those who missed it.  Here is the performance from Las Vegas.  They are moving on! 

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  1. Girls, Congrats on making it through. It's a wonderful achievement and brings so much awareness to the CF Cause. I know that I'm just an observer to all this, but I did have a very strong feeling about it. It's so sweet how loving you are towards each other and your songs choices are very nice. But, girls, AGT is looking for an Act to go to Las Vegas. In some ways, your affection and song choices detract from your immense talent. Many of the other Acts competing have that intense type of excitement needed to win. You girls have it too, but you're holding back. It seems that there's also some concern that you may not be strong enough to handle a full Vegas Show. They need to see your full range and abilities. You are totally amazing singers and you need to show that you are. The focus should be on you and your talent and not that you have a terrible disease. I share this with you because you have the talent to win. But, bottom-line, this is a cutthroat competition. Sentimentality only goes so far. So, girls I say this with great respect for all you've done so far...It's time to really Bring It On!!!!